Ateliers des Cultures Action Solidarité Tiers Monde/agence culturelle

The Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM) organises cultural workshops in the presence of artists from countries of the global South since the year 2000, specifically in the “classes modulaires” of technical high schools. In the framework of its activities the cultural agency has organized workshops in two welcome classes in 2016.

Since these meetings were very successful, we continued the project from April to July 2017 in three classes with refugee children as well as in a welcome class.

The initiative is part of the welcome and integration of applicants for international protection and is destined to familiarize children and young immigrants with the cultures of the world and open paths for intercultural dialogue. The aim being to accept differences, discover other cultures and underscore the richness of diversities. All the participants in the workshops could show what they learnt during representations at the Afrika Fest at the Kulturfabrik as well as at the festival Meyzouik in Luxembourg-City in front of a large audience and their parents.

Target population:
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– School classes with refugee children
– Residents concerned by the issue

Duration of the project: april to july 2017

Contact details

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