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Books are bridges to the other. The Bibliobus aims at reaching across cultures and worldviews through them.

More than just providing books in the languages of Luxembourg and the languages most needed by those arriving seeking asylum and refugees, the Bibliobus organizes activities according to the interests and skills of the participants: artistic workshops like singing or painting, debates & discussions, how to’s, and practical information about life in Luxembourg.

It is all about sharing and learning: an interactive space to explore, discover and empower through intercultural dialogues.

Target population:
– International protection asylum seekers
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents of Luxembourg

Duration of the project: 15/09/16 – 31/12/18

Contact details

Bibliotherapy asbl
17, An den Leessen
L- 5312 Contern

Mme Patricia Schurmann
+352 621 426 310