Carte subjective Rotondes asbl

An exhibition on the theme of the social inclusion of child refugees using a fundamentally innovative, fun and creative approach: subjective geography.

The project will be in four parts.

  1. In early July 2017 a subjective map of the town of Dudelange will be created with child asylum seekers and refugees in the welcome class (cycle 2 to cycle 4) taught at Strutzbierg school. (
    Print run of the map: min. 2000 copies. The making of the map will be the subject of a short film.
  1. Public exhibition of the subjective map (extracts from the map to be blown up large) on the square of the Rotondes in the city of Luxembourg, followed by Dudelange. Workshops will be run as part of the exhibition.
  1.  Participative workshop on the theme of the social inclusion of child refugees that will bring together thinkers from both the private and public sectors (teachers, psychologists, sociologists, specialists on migration and the refugee question). The workshop will tackle key questions about social integration, such as “How is it possible to adapt to a new life and environment without losing your roots?” and “How can an individual reconcile different cultural identities within himself?” The participative workshop will throw up different ideas on how to improve the inclusion of child refugees.
  1.  Outcome: a report on the inclusion of child refugees.
    Underlying the exhibition is the question: What perception do child refugees have of their new environment? And a wish: to give these children a true existence. The map, exhibition and report are tools to raise the awareness and knowledge of the general public on the question of the integration of child refugees.

Target population:
– Child applicants for international protection
– Child beneficiaries of international protection
– The general public

Duration ofthe project: 07/17-12/17

Contact details

Rotondes asbl
4, rue de la Rotonde
L-2448 Luxembourg
+ 352 26 62 20 07

Mrs. Frédérique BUCK
+352 691 250 251