Centre Ethnopsychiatrique de Soins pour MIgrants et exilés (CESMI) CESMI asbl

Unlike most European countries, Luxembourg does not currently have a recognized structure or network for professionals trained to work in cross-cultural clinics for migrants and exiles. The aim of this ambitious project is to remedy this lack by creating an ethno-psychiatric care centre for migrants and exiles, staffed by doctors, psychologists, therapists, social workers and other professionals. Its goal is to improve the mental health of migrants and exiles on the basis of a positive and multi-factorial model.

The project entails, in particular:

1) the setting up of a cross-cultural psychotherapeutic consultation centre with interpreters (for individual, family and group therapy) for migrants and exiles demonstrating significant and lasting psychic suffering;

2) the organization of a set of itinerant ethno-psychiatric care services to operate in welcome centres, lodgings and integration premises;

3) the training and supervision of professionals specialized in assistance to exiles. At its conclusion, the project hopes to receive official recognition as a multi-centred Reference Centre in Luxembourg, composed of an organization that specializes in consultation, coordination and training on its own site, at the centre of a network, with branches offering care in cross-cultural clinics that include the following hospital-based and community centre services:

  • the Paedopsychiatric Service operating at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg
  • the Juvenile Psychiatric Service operating at the Hôpitaux Robert Schuman
  • the Neuro-Psychiatric Centre operating at Ettelbruck
  • the Luxembourg Mental Hygiene League.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Professionals and residents concerned by the issue

Duration of the project: 01/07/16 – 30/06/19 (to be continued subsequently by other means)

Contact details

CESMI asbl
110, avenue Gaston Diderich
L-1420 Luxembourg
+352 28 89 20 33
+352 661 10 76 29

Mrs. Aïcha FABER