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The idea that underlies the project “Ceux qui écoutent le monde” (Those who listen to the world) arose from the observation that the arrival of a great number of migrants/refugees in Europe has generated a climate of suspicion and division among the local populations. Members of groups other than our own are often viewed simplistically on the basis of clichés. Instead of recognising what local populations and migrants have in common, it is the factors that divide us that often catch the attention. A universal vision of humanity is lacking, thus it is vital that we develop one.

The request for financial aid for this project relates to the documentary research involved, made with the assistance of psychologists and psychiatrists who specialise in transcultural psychiatry, as well as working with migrants and refugees. The project is an attempt to document, from different perspectives and in different manners, the delicate approach taken by therapists who specialise in transcultural psychiatry (Luxembourg, Paris-France) in their relationships with patients and migrants. It will also attempt to portray the human consequences and changes that these striking, hybrid encounters have on the participants’ respective worlds.

The distinctive characteristic of the approach to be taken will be an invitation extended to the therapists and migrants to create images (through preliminary interviews, exploratory drawings and workshops) and to find points of communication between the various images, in an attempt to create a new world in images that symbolises a new world of possibilities.

The target populations in this project (the local and international public and the migrants) will in the long run be anyone who sees the documentary, which will be shown using different professional channels (at the cinema, on television, at projections for a carefully circumscribed audience).

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– National and international publics

Duration of the project:  01/01/17 – 31/12/17

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