Communities in Transition JUST ARRIVED Ambassadors Club (ASBL)

Moving to and settling in a new country is never easy. Cultural differences, new habits, getting used to the everyday life, finding your own way through local bureaucracy and administration, children’s education, acquiring a personal network of support etc.… are some of the issues that a newcomer will have to tackle.

To this extent, the human support from people having gone through the same integration process is very helpful. That is why the JUST ARRIVED ambassadors Club association was created.

The JAA Club group is built around the ambassador figure, which provides a link between Luxembourg and its culture of origin and a bridge to all the other communities thanks to the ambassador’s connections with all the other ambassadors.
The ambassador is a Luxembourgish resident, with foreign origins, willing to share her/his integration experience with recently arrived people and to provide a human support in the settling down process.

The main objective of the project “Communities in transition » is to facilitate the integration process of newcomers offering them a direct appreciation of the richness of cultural diversity of Luxembourg and thereby working actively against any tendency of community isolation.

Activities include:

  • newcomers helpdesk,
  • integration meetings organised in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg,
  • the pairing of newcomers with an ambassador.

Target population:
– Newcomers to Luxembourg and more particularly their spouses in search of a new social status.

Duration of the project: 
Start: March 2017
Planned duration: 3 years
Financing by the Oeuvre for the first year of operations

Contact details

5 beim Fuussebur
L-5364 Schrassig

Mme Camilla Cuppini
+352 621276970