Cours de français intensif Reech eng Hand (Archevêché)

The project represents the organization of an intensive French course during the summer holidays 2016 for 25 asylum seekers, and possibly for refugees who have recently been officially recognized as such.

The target students are young asylum seekers who have at least the equivalent of a high school diploma and intend to continue their studies. They must have at least a basic understanding of French (equivalent to level A1). The goal is to make them progress as much as possible in a short time by offering an intensive 6-week course (1 August to 9 September 2016). If all goes well, some will pass the B2 certificate in French when the course ends.

The course will consist of French lessons in the morning given by a certified language teacher, and exercises of different kinds in the afternoon given by two assistants. The course will last 200 hours.

Target population:
– Beneficiaries of international protection who have completed high school and who have a basic knowledge of French

Duration of the project: 07/16 – 31/12/17

Contact details

Archevêché de Luxembourg / Projet « Reech eng Hand »
52, rue Jules Wilhelm
L-2728 Luxembourg
+352 621 981 482

+352 43 60 51 314