Cours de langues pour réfugiés adultes Fondation Caritas Luxembourg

The project “Cours de langues pour réfugiés adultes” (Language courses for adult refugees) aims to improve integration of asylum seekers through the teaching of either of Luxembourg’s two official languages (French and Luxembourgish).

By offering free language courses, the service Solidarité & Intégration aims at achieving more than just the acquisition of a language, even though clearly this goal is fundamental.

Asylum seekers have often experienced difficult, stressful and devastating conditions before their arrival in Luxembourg. Once in the country, the welcome they receive is not always the best. We believe that offering them the formative activity of learning the fundamentals of one of the country’s standard languages will be of use to them in their work of self-reconstruction.

Their integration will be enhanced not only by their comprehension of the language but also of Luxembourgish customs. It is obvious that to find employment, a minimum of linguistic competence is required in the relevant language.

Our courses are addressed to adult asylum seekers with priority being given, though not exclusively, to the new arrivals. Although initially our courses will be directed at those of suitable working age and situation, we nonetheless also intend to diversify courses and offer them to the more vulnerable.

Despite the courses being offered to people of foreign extraction, members of Luxembourgish society will also benefit. Encouraging communication between the host society and the new arrivals is the first step towards social cohesion. Promoting asylum seekers’ access to the world of work through the acquisition in particular of French is not only an opportunity for those directly concerned but also advantageous to Luxembourg.

Target population:
– Adult applicants for international protection, with priority given to new arrivals

Duration of the project: 01/01/16 – 31/12/16

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Mrs. Marie-Christine WIRION
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