DA LASS Openscreen asbl

DA LASS Land, Leit a Sprooch (1994-2001), revisited by Openscreen asbl in 2016

“Da Lass” is an audiovisual method devised to teach Luxembourgish in 30 lessons. It was written by Josy Braun, Jhemp Hoscheit and Henri Losch and was published in 1999 by éditions Binsfeld.

The method was never really used as it became obsolete following the spelling reform in 1999.

Our project has been developed to institute an interactive language course based on the “Da Lass” method that will offer a light-hearted approach to learning Luxembourgish.

The films proposed bring together important figures in the local literary and theatre world: Jhemp Hoscheit, Josy Braun and Henri Losch, Marco Lorenzini and Christiane Rausch to mention just a few. Thus the project will also have an appeal for the resident Luxembourgish population.

The “courses” will be directed by the members and wordsmiths of the rap group “De Läb”, as well as by their students, in particular Tom Dockael, Nickel Bösenberg and Grégoire Baumberger. Written by Jacques Schiltz, the events will provide an excellent first contact with Luxembourgish culture.

The themes tackled in the lessons will be supplemented by film extracts and commented upon musically by “De Läb”.

Everyone present will be invited to take an active part in the “course” and to dialogue with their neighbours in the room.

Place: Banannefabrik

Target population:
– Applicants for and beneficiaries of international protection, who want a primary contact with both the culture and inhabitants of Luxembourg
– Foreigners who have never met a Luxembourgish
– People wanting a light-hearted and non-scholastic way to learn the language
– Luxembourgish peope who are interested by their country’s culture

Sessions planed for
12 February 2017,
12 March 2017,
14 May 2017,
11 June 2017
and 09 July 2017

Adresse / contact

Openscreen asbl
53, rue Jean-François Gangler
L-1613 Luxembourg
+352 691 798 341

Mrs. Tanja FRANK