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Digital Inclusion’s goal is to provide everyone with access to information technology and to encourage the social inclusion of refugees using those same technologies. It also aims at taking environmental liability into account.

The major issues:

  • environmental protection: the plan is to double the useable lifetime of digital equipment received from public and private organizations and private individuals by reconditioning and recycling them with refugees
  • promoting independence (empowerment): refugees will not just receive the reconditioned equipment, they will also participate in their reconditioning with local residents in workshops
  • stimulating creativity: different workshops with creative technology-based projects have been set up
  • employability: offers of internships boost refugees’ opportunities to find paid employment
  • technology promoting social inclusion: weekly computer-based language courses
  • IT education: courses are arranged with partner organizations and IT books are made available.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Any residents who do not have the financial resources to buy computer equipment

Duration of the project: 12/15 – 06/18

Contact details

Digital Inclusion asbl
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