Drawing without papers

The general idea of the project is to put into place artistic workshops, which will allow all participants to express themselves. In fact, as language often poses problems, it is important for us to find other vectors of communication….hence the idea of drawing.

Artistic workshops will be organized weekly (at the Youth Centre, at the Refugee shelter, and at the Redange High School). For the participants, these workshops will be an occasion to meet and create ties between them.

Through this project, we want to give the adolescents the possibility to express themselves and show us their visions of the world. We will collect a maximum of drawings in our workshops. These drawings will show us what the adolescents have run away from and why they need our hospitality. We want to publish some of these in a book, which moreover will talk about them, their stories and their life journeys and, which will serve as material for our work. This book will finally be a means to free speech: drawing is a strong gesture, which creates images that everyone can understand. The publication of the book will allow returning a voice, which is universal.

It is very important for us to allow the adolescents to express themselves. In this project the roles shall be inverted, because the adolescents will give us their stories as a gift. They will also bequeath us with a mission: share their stories with those who want to understand them.

Target population:
– Everyone

Duration of the project: 1 année

Contact details

Reidener Jugendtreff
1, rue de Niederpallen L-8510 Redange
+352 236 205 09

Mme Thielmanns Martine