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The @gasperich project aims to help applicants and beneficiaries of international protection to find their way in Luxembourgish society. At the ‘Internetstuff’ in Gasperich, each individual can acquire basic language and computer skills but also make use of the equipment and personalised support in order to join the labour market. The project also makes it possible to develop relationships in an intercultural community space at the heart of the neighbourhood.

Internetführerschäin Course

Do you want to get to grips with computers to communicate with your loved ones, search for information or get ready to find a job? The ‘Internetführerschäin’ training course recognised by the Ministère de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse (Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth) allows you to acquire basic computer skills using your mother tongue (Serbo-Croat, Albanian, Persian, Tigrigna, Arabic, etc.)

Language learning space

Do you want to improve your pronunciation, do online exercises or expand your vocabulary? The language learning space gives you access to computer programs that will help you to start learning French independently.

Help desk

Do you want to search for information, put together a CV, write a covering letter or print out some documents? The Help desk is open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and it offers you personalised support provided by a language mediator.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection

Duration of the project: 01/05/16 -30/04/19

Contact details

CLAE services asbl
26, rue de Gasperich
L-1617 Luxembourg
+352 29 86 86-1

Mr. Bashkim HAZIZAJ
et Mr. Orlando GOMES
+352 29 86 86-1