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“Hotel Budapest” is a short film documentary that takes a contemporary approach – that of virtual reality – to the fate of refugees. This technique not only allows total stereoscopic visual immersion but also intuitive interaction with the environment. Using a VR (virtual reality) helmet or glasses, viewers are plunged into the midst of the action and can evolve among the people filmed.

Syrian refugees fleeing their country are separated by a barbed wire fence from the Hungarian police attempting to protect their own country. On one side, a people with an uncertain future; on the other, an inaccessible land of transit. The film “Hotel Budapest” takes a comprehensive look at the situation at the Serbian-Hungarian border, which attracts thousands of refugees on the path to exile on foot, by bus and by train.

The scheme that devoted these resources to the migrants’ issue, accompanying them on a section of their trip to Europe, was as spontaneous as it was a success. “Hotel Budapest” immerses the viewer in the reality of the life of the migrants, as they follow the routes and are blocked at the Hungarian border crossing points. We share in their journey towards the unknown and are made aware of the difficulties of their undertaking.

The film received the support of Œuvre for its making as well as for its presentation on the opening evening of the Luxembourg City Film Festival on 24 February 2016. Present during the evening were the director, Eric Lamhène, the producer, Bernard Michaux, and the main Syrian characters in the film. The evening was brought to a close with a cocktail and Syrian culinary specialities prepared by the migrants for the several hundreds of people present under the Magic Mirrors marquee.


In order to fully enjoy this movie, you need a virtual reality helmet.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– All national and international publics connected to the internet

Duration of the project: September 2015 – February 2016
The film remains available on internet at . (

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