mateneen (EN) Civil society with the refugees

Launched in late December 2015 by the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in response to the migrant crisis and the huge wave of public solidarity, mateneen is a call for projects that is unique in Europe. With the selection process having ended in July 2016, the call for projects with 12 million euros at its disposal will enable 80 project holders from civil society to implement projects designed to bring the people of Luxembourg and the new arrivals together, and to facilitate the latter’s integration.

More than 80 projects may thus be launched in the following nine sectors: culture, sustainable development, education/training, employment, information/coordination, housing, mingle and meet, health/psychological support and material support.

Integration of the new arrivals is impossible if it is just one-way: it occurs above all through face-to-face encounters.


You are invited to browse the complete list of supported projects.

Supported projects