Official launch

The conference organised by the Œuvre on September 30th 2016 at the Philharmonie was aimed at presenting to the public and the press the results of the selection phase of the call for projects mateneen. In presence of her Royal Highness the Grand-Duchess and with the participation of Mister Mars di Bartolomeo, president of the Chamber of Deputies and Mister Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister.


Launched in late December 2015 by the OEuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in response to the migrant crisis, mateneen is a call for projects that is unique in Europe with 12 million euros at its disposal destined to buttress the remarkable wave of public solidarity vis-à-vis the migrants.

More than 80 projects have been selected during a process steered by an independent jury. The myriad schemes proposed by a large number of project holders place the mateneen programme at the heart of the question of the integration of refugees and, more generally, social cohesion in Luxembourg.

The mateneen call for projects aims to create a fertile soil for inclusive projects bringing together new arrivals and members of the host society.

mateneen also intends to:

  • The goal proposed by mateneen is to unite all those involved in the call for projects so as to boost the visibility of each individual project and generate synergy between them;
  • to build and support a collective nationwide spirit of emulation by bringing together and connecting associations and residents to debate and take action on the integration of refugees;
  • raise the public’s awareness of issues relating to the inclusion and collective construction of a welcoming and supportive society.

Conference program

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