Integration through Capoeira – Batizado 2018 Nouvelle Abada Capoeira Luxembourg asbl

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, which advocates non-violence and mutual respect. It is at once a sport and an art with an important cultural dimension. Capoeira makes no distinction among sex, age, and financial conditions of its participants and it is in itself an important vector of social inclusion. Structured across centuries by socially excluded social groups, Capoeira was associated for a long time with those living at the margins of society who struggled to affirm their identities, their rights, and their cultural values. For this reason Capoeira has great vocation to include and gather.

The children participating in the project have taken Capoeira classes for the duration of the past school year. At the end of the year a three-day workshop and a ceremony of grade changing / Batizado (symbolizing the enthronization into the world of Capoeira) are organized, in which partake all capoeiristas of Luxembourg. For this occasion great Capoeira masters come from Brazil and many shows and demonstrations are being organized.

The objective of the project “Integration through Capoeira – Batizado” is to allow for participation of children from socially disfavoured backgrounds as well as young refugees in this important cultural and sports event. At this occasion a complete Capoeira uniform is handed over to the children participating in the project. This project consequently strives for the integration of these children by giving them the possibility to participate in a sport alongside children from more favoured strata of Luxembourg. Capoeira vehicles values such as respect, tolerance and discipline and constitutes a vector for social inclusion. This project also gives its participants recognition for their efforts and endurance, which they demonstrated by following Capoeira classes all throughout the year.

Target population:
– Children and adolescents living in Luxembourg from disadvantaged backgrounds and young refugees

Duration of the project: 3 days (6-8 July 2018)

Contact details

Nouvelle Abada Capoeira Luxembourg asbl
22, rue Faubourg, L-4120 Esch-sur-Alzette
+352 621 196 093

M. Uelington Ramos de Oliveira
+352 661 206 695