Integration through Sport SPORTUNITY asbl

We see sport as a powerful tool promoting mutual understanding and peaceful cohabitation between the migrant/refugee and resident communities.

Within the framework of this project, high level athletes, both refugees and residents, hold sports trainings (football, athletics, dance) for children and young people, whether they are residents or from displaced families. The joint sport activities with local peers lead quite naturally to intercultural exchange, language learning and integration.

We consider leisure activities and playing to be basic human needs that need to be addressed. Moreover, sport and quality leisure time can be seen as an effective prevention of idleness and delinquency among youth.

Target population:
– Young applicants for international protection
– Young beneficiaries of international protection
– Young residents (7 – 18 years old)

Duration of the project: 06/02/2016 – 31/12/2018

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Forum Geesseknaeppchen
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+352 691 71 71 01