Koru Empowerment Koru a.s.b.l.

Koru is a non-profit peace building organization founded and based in Luxembourg which has no religious or political affiliation. Koru offers people a variety of resources, tools and techniques through our 7 sessions holistic program which helps people reconnect with themselves and their community.

During the sessions people learn how to:

  • Discover, know, empower and reconnect with themselves
  • Recognise and manage their emotions, feelings, conflicts and challenges in a healthy way in their daily life
  • Improve many symptoms linked to anxiety, depression as well as other challenging issues like lethargy, insomnia, isolation, lack of belonging, anger, social exclusion, prejudices, etc.
  • Build bridges of knowledge, communication, affirmation, trust, cooperation and conflict resolution in their community on a teach-learn basis by a methodology which encourages active participation, empowerment, democracy, leadership and interaction among all members, staff and participants
  • Discover and develop resilience with the regular practice of our techniques that are very easy to learn and practice
  • Learn as a cyclical experience of knowledge-reflection-action

Target population:
BPI’s, DPI’s, residents (general public), women, children, men, caregivers, staff of health, education and social services, security staff, youth, seniors, people with difficult mobility, unemployed people, people recovering from addictions and people in street situation.

Duration of the project :

Contact details

Koru a.s.b.l.
2 rue Léon Thyes
L-2636 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 621 171 9545

Mrs. Lidice Mendizábal Luna
Tel.: +352 691284428