La vie est un rêve KULTRUN asbl

The project consists of preparing 20 theatre pictures, in which the testimony of 10 young immigrants / refugees will be portrayed. For each testimony, one character will be created representing the past and the present.

As a result, an exhibition of 20 portraits will be displayed in a Cultural Centre of Luxembourg and in other 5 countries of the European Community. The  exhibition seeks to show the change and transition in the lives of these young people.

The project aims to facilitate the transition, adaptation and integration process of young immigrants, through the affirmation of their own culture and the culture of the host country. Also, it seeks to promote an intercultural dialogue based on the ability of understanding and empathy between the two sides. 

Target population:
– Young applicants for international protection
– Young beneficiaries of international protection

Duration of the project: 01/10/16 -30/10/17

Contact details

Kultrun asbl
4, Enneschtgaass
L-7435 Hollenfels
+352 26 32 16 16

Mr. Alexandre GILLEN
+352 661 258 029

Mrs. Natalia SANCHEZ
+352 621 389 102