Le Luxembourg en poche Reech eng Hand (Archevêché)

The project “Le Luxembourg en poche” (Luxembourg in Your Pocket) aims to create a guide to the culture and society of Luxembourg containing practical information for those people who have little knowledge about life in Europe and Luxembourg.

The guide will be published in two versions (French-Arabic and English-Farsi). Its target public will be primarily refugees but also migrants and tourists who speak Arabic, Persian or English and who wish to have clear, concise information about life in Luxembourg. In addition, a smartphone app with the same content will be developed by ErwuesseBildung asbl.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Migrants who speak Arabic, Farsi, English or French
– Tourists and business travellers

Duration of the project: 01/04/16 – 31/12/17

Contact details

Archevêché de Luxembourg / Projet « Reech eng Hand »
52, rue Jules Wilhelm
L-2728 Luxembourg
+352 621 981 482

Mrs. Dominique VON LEIPZIG
+352 43 60 51 315