LEILU – Learning to be in the new environment multi-LEARN Institute for Interaction and Development in Diversity asbl

The project LEILU [Learning to be in the new environment: a holistic approach for youngsters in Luxembourg] aims at the socio-cultural development of youngsters in Luxembourg (age: 15 – 30), focusing on, yet not limited to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.

Based on a holistic learning approach, youngsters participate in interconnected activities, which promote building talent, mind-body empowerment and team building, develop religious tolerance, anti-violence and visual learning. Set up in six interconnected modules (12 weeks/year), they get a unique chance, at a crucial moment in their lives, to develop tolerance, respect, and socio-cultural engagement in Luxembourg.

Each module aims at developing a better understanding of the new Luxembourg environment by getting youngsters involved in activities planned and launched by partners chosen for their expertise in the area of activity.

Target population:
– Young applicants for international protection
– Young beneficiaries of international protection
– Young residents (15 – 30 years old)

Duration of the project: 01/08/16 – 30/04/18

Contact details

multi-LEARN Institute for Interaction and Development in Diversity asbl
12, rue de la Paix
L-2312 Luxembourg
+352 20 99 18 30

Dr. Jinyoung CHOI
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