MALAIKA Theater Traverse Asbl

After Home Sweet Home and Hello Goodbye Come Back this is the third volume of the Wideside Project trilogy initiated by the Luxembourgish Company Theatre Traverse. This collective creation, which stages nonprofessional actors, addresses itself first and foremost to those youths who had already participated in the two previous projects. It will enable them amongst other things to closely work with professional artists from different backgrounds (theatre, dance and African percussion).

The leitmotif will be “Malaika”, which in Swahili means “angel” or “benevolent spirit”. Topics touched upon, will be those of origin, traditions, reminiscences and customs. A plethora of impressions will serve as a basis for this multiform story, which is rich in biographical elements.

Jo, his sister Kadija and their friend Malaika grow up together in a peaceful village, in which “children can be children.” One day their innocent childhood comes to a brutal end…

Target population:

Duration of the project:
Creation since July 2017.
6 Performances between November 2017 and March 2018.

Contact details

Theater Traverse Asbl
4, route de Holzem
L-8232 Mamer

Séverine Zimmee
Gestionnaire de projets Theater Traverse
+352 691 781 002