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Familiarizing another person with your traditions and customs and your own country is not simple. What is it about my country that distinguishes it? What are its most important traditions? What do I love most about it and what do I want to say about my origins?

The answers to these questions differ from one person to another. They depend in particular on the interests and habits of the individual and perhaps even the region one comes from. This exchange will not make use of books on history, geography or civics. The course will develop on the basis of the contribution of each participant.

Two groups – one Syrian, the other Luxembourgish (or residents who know the country, its customs and traditions) – will meet during six sessions to discuss their ways of life. The themes of the different sessions will include the following: “In the course of time…”, the traditional and religious events of the year; “Music and dance”; “Art and Handcrafts”; “Typical Syrian/Luxembourgish! Stereotypes or cultural characteristics?”; “My country and its people”. The exchange will be brought to an end with a traditional dish cooked together.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents

Duration of the project: 10/16 – 02/19

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Mrs. Julia GREGOR