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Melting pot asbl tries to promote the dialogue between different strata of society and cultures to encourage social solidarity and mutual group identification, though without sacrificing individual identities.

This was the spirit that launched the first festival in Luxembourg, in 2012, to champion the values of responsibility, tolerance and transparency. Since then, Last Summer Dance has attracted between 800 and 1000 visitors each August.

In August 2016 we want to help overcome the feelings of nationalism and the aversion to foreigners that we see manifesting themselves around us. We thus invite refugees in Luxembourg to take part in our festival. In our “Refugee Café”, they will have the chance to tell their stories and get to know other participants of different backgrounds. In this way, we hope to overcome prejudice, stigmatization and fear of the unknown, and to increase understanding of the Other.

Other activities will bring asylum seekers and the local population together:

  • a presentation of the current migrant situation and the solutions proposed by the European Union and Luxembourg
  • a round table that will gather representatives of the project Hariko, Young Caritas, the Red Cross, Asti, the European Migration Network at the University of Luxembourg, and those with personal experience of migration and integration in Luxembourg
  • cooking workshops
  • sports and arts activities
  • musical performances.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents

Duration of the project: 27-28 August 2016

Contact details

Melting pot asbl
3, um Iecker
L-7562 Mersch

Mrs. Tessy TROES
+352 691 133 802