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Young Arabic-speaking refugees will present a weekly radio programme to be broadcast in Arabic, French and English, and will produce a weekly podcast of current events in Arabic.

The project wishes to fill a void, that of access to spoken, not written, information. This is particularly important for Arabic-speaking refugees who are either illiterate or who do not know the Latin alphabet. Furthermore, the scheme will allow the young refugees to speak for themselves, and will give them their first experience of the fulfilling world of professional training and work.

The radio station will strive to make the Luxembourgish public aware of the broadcast so that they can become more familiar with the culture of the new arrivals and the challenges that Arabic-speaking refugees are faced with on a daily basis.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents

Duration of the project: 07/16 – 06/19

Contact details

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4, place des Rotondes
L-2448 Luxembourg
Tél. : +352 691 153 514
E-mail :

Mrs. Sandra LABORIER
+352 691 153 514