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“Scouts Welcome Refugees” is a long-term project on the social integration of young refugees in local Scout groups. During the first phase of the project (2 years), this integration will be “normalized” in our groups through the education and training of our Scout chiefs and members, improved contact with refugee centres, and presentation of the Scouts movement to young refugees (via flyers, translations, presentations, participation in Scout meetings, etc.).

The central vocation of Scouting is to communicate social values so as to create a better world. Given this mission, this project wants to create an interpersonal link between the young refugees and our Scouts by means of interactive, shared activities for small groups in which each person takes on a responsibility towards the others in line with his or her personal capacities.

We are convinced that involvement in an association is an effective way to encourage intercultural exchange and open-mindedness, understanding of others and the learning of the Luxembourgish language. Scouts activities that take place outdoors and are based on group work are important to ensuring integration and mutual comprehension of youngsters of different background. In the long term, the conferring of responsibility on individuals within the group and the possibility of training will bestow the young refugees in the group with improved self-esteem.

Target population:
– Young applicants and beneficiaries of international protection aged 6 to 26 (direct beneficiaries)
– All members of Scout federations (indirect beneficiaries through contact with the young refugees)

Duration of the project:
01/08/16 – 31/07/18 (pilot phase)
After the pilot phase, the integration of new refugees will take place as standard practice.

Contact details

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Mrs. Anne SIMON

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