Se former, s’informer pour mieux s’intégrer Centre Avicenne Luxembourg asbl

The project “Se former, s’informer pour mieux s’intégrer” (Inquire and learn for closer integration) has the objective of enabling asylum seekers, refugees and residents of foreign origin to gain the necessary understanding, information and practical skills to facilitate their integration into an intercultural society in Luxembourg. Different types of courses are proposed for this purpose:

  • two French classes, which will include support and a literacy course, will be available for those who prefer the reassuring and familiar framework of having Arabic-speaking teachers;
  • a course in Arabic that teaches the civic values and history of Luxembourg with the purpose of educating the new arrivals about their host country even if they do not yet speak its three official languages well enough;
  • a course in Luxembourgish and/or French for mothers during the hours that their children follow courses at the centre, to encourage their understanding of Luxembourgish and, in particular, communication in the school environment;
  • a course in German in response to public demand.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents of foreign origin (in particular to help them completing the Validation of Professional Experience (VAE) process)

Duration of the project: 09/16 – 07/17 (renewable annually)

Contact details

Centre Avicenne Luxembourg
32, Dernier Sol
L-2543 Luxembourg
+352 26 48 11 53
+352 621 665 387

+352 621 412 985