Service de collecte et de distribution de meubles CNDS asbl / Nei Aarbecht

In close partnership with Luxembourg’s social offices, ‘Nei Aarbecht’, which is part of the Comité National de Défense Sociale (CNDS), makes available second-hand pieces of furniture and other domestic objects to refugees and anyone else in need.

The aim is to help refugees find a place in our work system and social structure while also providing valuable material support to households in need.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– All Luxembourg residents in need

Duration of the project: Open-ended
Purchase of the initial equipment: 05/16 – 07/16

Contact details

CNDS asbl / Nei Aarbecht
7, rue de l’Alzette
L-7351 Helmdange
+352 33 27 55

Mrs. Josée GALES
+352 33 27 55 – 23