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In partnership with the Echternach School of Music, the Konterbont association organizes music classes for children and teenagers living in the Heliar Centre in Weilerbach. The project is part of the range of classes offered by the EME and offers new residents a programme adapted to their needs. Children are offered a beginners’ course in music of 90 minutes each week and can choose an instrument that they would like to learn (classical and electric guitar, piano, percussion and violin). Also, a Hip-Hop dance course is available to girls between the ages of 12 and 18 and courses of “Krabbelmusek” to children up to the age of 3. The courses are held in the classrooms of the EME.

Target population:
– Young applicants for international protection
– Young beneficiaries of international protection
– Children and teenagers living in the Heliar Centre in Weilerbach

 Duration of the project: 15/09/16 – 15/07/17

Contact details

Konterbont asbl
5, route de Diekirch
L-6590 Weilerbach

+352 691 622 013