Soutien psychologique aux réfugiés Omega 90 asbl

Certain asylum seekers and refugees, such as asylum seekers whose application has been rejected, suffer the consequences of traumatizing experiences. These result in feelings of affective and emotional instability and vulnerability, which give rise to behavioural problems. Without treatment, these problems can become chronic and lead to psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders.

The psychological work offered by Omega 90 within the framework of the mateneen project aims to help refugees suffering from psychological and psychosomatic difficulties resulting from loss and violence. The objective of the different sorts of treatment offered is to reduce the suffering of the people concerned and to stabilize them:

  • psychoeducation: informing the individual about the symptoms and disorders suffered, and their links with bereavement and psycho-traumas;
  • group work among women, essentially using non-verbal methods based on physical expression (Bewegungs- und Tanztherapie, or Movement and Dance Therapy), energy therapies, hypnosis and sophrology. Also possible is group work with children using creative methods;
  • individual work: people suffering specific disorders require individual treatment. This will in principle be carried out using interpreters and will be organized with the network of therapists in the Groupe Permanent d’Encadrement Psycho-Traumatologique (GEPT), who specializes in treating post-traumatic disorders.

Target propulation:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Rejected asylum seekers

Duration of the project: 01/01/17 -31/12/18

Contact details

Omega 90
138, rue Adolphe Fischer
L-1521 Luxembourg
+352 29 77 89

Mr. Henri GRÜN