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Passerell’s goal is to create a social link between asylum seekers and refugees on the one hand, and inhabitants of the Grand Duchy looking for a social engagement on the other. The project “Tandems citoyens” (Social partnerships) places a volunteer in partnership with either an asylum seeker or a refugee. Together they work to promote the migrant’s social integration in Luxembourg, for example, by means of:

  • an introduction to the French/Luxembourgish/German languages and advice on how to register to attend an official language course. This scheme does not replace the official courses and aims to fill the gap while waiting for a place to be free;
  • offering support outside of the official courses;
  • offering help with regard to administrative procedures;
  • accompanying the new arrival to cultural activities in Luxembourg.

The aim is to facilitate the social integration of the migrants in Luxembourg by encouraging encounters and exchanges with the local inhabitants. On one hand, these meetings may enable the new arrivals to create links with their host country and to spread their wings. On the other, the project will also help residents of the Grand Duchy to understand the difficulties represented by asylum and thus to offer their new guests a warmer welcome.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region

Duration of the project: 07/16 – 04/18

Contact details

Passerell asbl
1, Dernier Sol
L-2543 Luxembourg

Mrs. Cassie ADELAÏDE
+352 691 311 890