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The Comité National de Défense Sociale (CNDS) proposes what our work associations do best: encouraging those sections of the public at risk to work on a common task that benefits the community as a whole. This form of activity brings such secondary benefits as self-esteem, a feeling of usefulness, integration with a local population, and the stimulation of one’s personal and social abilities.

The project is an extension of our organic garden on the heights of Troisvierges and consists of cuisine “from field to plate”, cooking the products of our garden. The project will cover all stages of the process: sowing, harvesting, transformation and conservation (preserves, syrups, pesto, etc.).

The care and management of a communal garden touches on such universal themes as food, sustainable development, proximity and education.

A range of organic, locally produced end-products will be offered to local consumers, as well as a home-based service of picking for the regional population.

Ten or so individuals – asylum seekers, refugees and residents – are required to work on this project, which represents the themes of food and agriculture.

Target propulation:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents

Duration of the project: Open-ended
Purchase of the initial equipment: 07/16 – 12/16

Contact details

CNDS asbl / Services de l‘Entraide
4, In den Allern
L-9911 Troisvierges
Tél : +352 26 95 74 21

Mr. Änder HALER