Wafaa’s Women’s Café Integration Media

The project intends to break down stereotypes and people’s perceptions about “the other”, meaning people from another culture. “Wafaa’s women’s cafe” will facilitate interaction between refugee and non-refugee women in a friendly and secure place. There will be informal exchanges, which will help refugee women to better understand the complexity of women’s roles in Luxembourg society. This in turn will facilitate the participants to feel at ease living in Luxembourg side by side. By empowering refugee women we will encourage their creative and independent thinking and decision-making and thus enhance their active participation in Luxembourg society.


  • Increase refugee women’s understanding about their own ability to contribute to their
  • integration through grasping  the autonomy of Luxembourg’s women.
  • Reduce isolation
  • Build bridges of mutual support and trust between female newcomers and local residents and improve women’s skills and encourage them through communication
  • Exchanging experiences, culture, customs about the respective societies will also help Luxembourg’s women to better understand refugee women

Why the project is unique

  • The activities are flexible and the style of session is informal
  • The outcome will be a group of women able to take decisions regarding women issues, needs and vision in Luxembourg

Target population:
– Female residents and refugees regardless of nationality, age, professional status, place of residence, sexual orientation, etc.

Duration of the project: 02/2018 – 02/2020

Contat details

Wafaa Abo Zarifa
Integration Media
111, rue Pierre Krier
L-1880 Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 661 259 744