Welcome to Paradise La Compagnie du Grand Boube

Welcome to Paradise is a documentary theatre show whose subject is the plight of asylum seekers in Luxembourg.

The project participants are, on one hand, fifty or so migrants – whether asylum seekers, refugees, those receiving social security benefits, and those whose applications have been refused – and their various interlocutors in Luxembourg, and, on the other hand, a team of theatre professionals.

Following a period spent communicating with the migrants, the theatre team reformulated and adapted the migrants’ words for the stage with the purpose of creating a show comprehensible to everyone, whose message is the fight against injustice and in favour of humanity.

The Compagnie du Grand Boube uses this project as its vehicle to argue in favour of social cohesion and against the populist tendency of “everyone for himself” and “me first”, by emphasizing those words that represent the values that we all share rather than the factors that differentiate us.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents of Luxembourg, in particular youngsters and teachers

Duration of the project: 01/04/16-31/12/2017

Contact details

La Compagnie du Grand Boube
71, rue du Cimetière
L-1338 Luxembourg
+352 621 740 451

Mrs. Carole LORANG
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