Work & integration portfolio (WIP) Reech eng Hand (Archevêché)

The creation of portfolios with asylum seekers

The goal is to benefit from the time required for the examination of asylum applications to create personal folders with those seeking asylum. The folders will describe in English and French the individual’s formal qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates) in different fields, such as their linguistic abilities, their educational career, their professional life and their uncertified skills. The project also proposes to define their plans in their professional and personal lives in Luxembourg. The folders will speed up examination of the migrants’ dossiers by the authorities (ADEM, etc.) once the refugee status has been awarded. On the basis of the individual’s profile, the aim is to offer meetings and internships with business people operating in Luxembourg to discuss the work situation and whether their skill sets match the requirements in Luxembourg.

Together with the LCGB, the project will also offer asylum seekers the chance to gather information – both general and relating to specific domains – on the reality of the job market in Luxembourg.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection

Duration of the project: 01/06/16 – 31/12/17

Contact details

Archevêché de Luxembourg / Projet « Reech eng Hand »
52, rue Jules Wilhelm
L-2728 Luxembourg
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+352 43 60 51 314