Accompaniment of asylum seekers in Luxembourg affected by the Dublin agreement Caritas, Reech eng Hand, CVX

Given the vulnerability of the people put under house arrest at the structure for urgent housing at Kirchberg (SHUK), particularly young adults and the most traumatized among them, the project takes place both at the SHUK and in a space dedicated exclusively to them. This space called Carvansara Ubuntu is a space, where one can “breathe” thanks to an active listening attitude from the volunteers who welcome visitors as well as mutual respect between all present. A psychosocial follow-up is offered by the professional in charge of the project as individual informal counselling. Cultural and sports activities are regularly being organized outside.

The project aims to improve the concerned people’s access to information, strengthen their resilience, their capacity to make enlightened choices for their future and to improve the quality of their lives by offering them a space for recharging as well as constructive activities.
The target population of the project is continuously being made aware of topics related to their psychosocial well-being and the legal framework governing their situation both at the SHUK as well as at Ubuntu.

They furthermore benefit from contacts established with humanitarian actors in the different countries responsible for taking back those concerned by the Dublin agreement, whom the projects aims at connecting. Some beneficiaries, whose exodus is lasting for a certain time already, are offered the possibility to write a journal wherein they detail their life stories.

The team of about ten volunteers is trained and supervised by the project leader, in order to create and sustain a welcoming atmosphere as well as benevolent listening inside of the space.

Target population:
– SHUK residents

Duration of the project: 15-07-2018 à 15-07-2019

Contact details

Caritas Luxembourg
29 Rue Michel Welter, L-2730 Luxembourg
+352 40 21 31 – 1

NDZEBIR Andrew Vernyuy
+352 691 690 365