La musicothérapie au service des mineurs non-accompagnés Gesellschaft fir Musiktherapie zu Lëtzebuerg (GML) asbl

Many studies have shown that people living in exile as a result of war are much more likely to suffer psychological, psychic and/or psychiatric problems at a later date, such as post-traumatic stress, emotional problems and anxiety. Regardless of communication problems due to linguistic difficulties, words are often lacking to express traumatic and painful experiences, and this has given rise to the use of music therapy. As a non-verbal medium, music is a mainspring of human relations, overcoming language barriers and leading to new channels of communication. Group sessions of music therapy are organized for the benefit of young asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived in Luxembourg unaccompanied by an adult and who are housed in the refugee centres run by the Red Cross Luxembourg.

The components of music – such as rhythm, harmony, melody and timbre – are essential to the therapeutic process and are expressed in musical and vocal dialogues, explorations of sound, the use of the body as a means of communication and group listening experiences, among other activities.

Improvised and heard music lies at the heart of the therapeutic dialogue.

Group music therapy sessions have the objective of reducing the stress and anxiety arising from difficulties experienced by the young people concerned, such as:

  • the dangers they were exposed to during their journey
  • the loss of their linguistic, cultural and material reference points
  • estrangement from their family.

With the project “Musicothérapie au service des mineurs non-accompagnés” (Music therapy for unaccompanied minors), the GML wishes to improve the quality of life of unaccompanied minors, so that they may more easily:

  • overcome their difficulties
  • stimulate their personal resources
  • develop a form of resilience
  • thrive and develop
  • involve themselves in their new environment.

The music therapists appointed to work on this project are very experienced. They work either in different recognized institutions in Luxembourg or in private practice. Some already work with people living in exile. Each group will be directed by a senior music therapist, supported by a second music therapist.

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Unaccompanied minors

Duration of the project: 01/10/16 – 31/12/17

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