101 Arabian Nights Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange

“Cultures for Humanity” is the AACE’s motto. Its goal is to promote tolerance, non-discrimination, fundamental freedoms and solidarity throughout Luxembourg. In order to achieve this goal, it proposes to introduce the rich Arab cultures and promote intercultural exchanges in a peaceful, artistic and new way within the Luxembourg and ultimately European Communities.

The project “101 Arabian Nights” seeks to host several cultural activities, exposing Arab arts and facilitate a platform for intercultural exchange. The project is to be seen in a long-term perspective and aims to become a permanent Luxembourg and European cultural platform.

Planned activities:

  • Arab Concert Nights
  • Children’s Graphic Workshop
  • Calligraphy exhibition
  • Architecture Conference
  • Arab Cinema Nights
  • Night of Arabic Literature

Target population:
– Applicants for international protection
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Anyone living in Luxembourg

Duration of the project: 09/17-08/2018 (1st season)

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