Habitat et échanges intergénérationnels Cohabit’Age asbl

Taking as its starting point the fact that affordable lodgings are a major problem in the Grand Duchy for all nationalities, Cohabit’Age wishes to put in place new forms of shared accommodation that mix generations, residents and refugees, which will result in greater solidarity and social inclusion for all those involved.

The project will involve:

  • residents: young students, internees, workers
  • recognized asylum seekers and other people of foreign origin wishing to settle in Luxembourg in the long term
  • families with children and fixed couples who share the same difficulties of finding accommodation as young people
  • independent elderly people, those suffering from a loss of mobility and anyone wishing to accept young people into their home and help them on their process of social integration
  • people suffering from some form of handicap.

The project’s main activities:

  1. promoting the mentorship of integration via accommodation, through the cohabitation of local residents and refugees in houses with communal areas, thus encouraging exchange
  2. encouraging individuals who are philanthropic in nature to offer the usufruct of a building to the association for a set period
  3. supporting intergenerational knitting in partnership with the collective “Mamie et Moi”
  4. organizing gastronomic exchanges between refugees and the local population.

Target population:
– Beneficiaries of international protection
– Residents in Luxembourg and anyone interested in intergenerational living

Duration of the project: 01/11/2016 – 31/10/2019

Contact details

Cohabit’Age asbl
31-37, rue Léon Metz
L-4239 Esch/Alzette
Tél. : +352 28 77 43 98
E-Mail : contact@cohabit-age.lu

Mr. Moussa SECK
Tél. : +352 691 116 715
E-mail : mseck@cohabit-age.lu